Vitamin D3 - 0.5 oz. (480 servings)

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                                                        VITAMIN INGREDIENT PROFILE LISTING

VITAMIN D3: Only healthy olive oil is added to the D3. VitaminD3 improves insulin health (especially for diabetics), combats hyperthyroidism, improves atrial fibrillation/flutter (A. Fib), battles Graves disease, mood regulatory, normalizes blood pressure, eases asthma attacks and frequency, boosts brain function, improves lung function, reduces the risk of the flu, strengthens teeth & bones, enhances calcium absorption, combats autoimmune disease activity, supports a healthy nervous system, immune system booster, cancer fighter, helps rid the body of fibroids, and it shrinks fibroids. D3 assists in reducing unwanted & unhealthy weight, increases the functionality of total heart health, and it prevents heart disease. 

Supplement Facts – VITAMIN D3                                  


Serving Size: 2 drops

Servings Per Container 240

Amount Per Serving

Calories from Fat                                                                10  

                                                                                % Daily Value*

Total Fat (<1g)                                                                   <2%

SHELF LIFE: 1 Year and a half

INSTRUCTIONS: Follow instructions on the container, and you can take drops right under your tongue.

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