Iodide & Iodine - 2 oz. (about 1200 serv.)

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                                           VITAMIN INGREDIENT PROFILE LISTING

IODIDE/IODINE: is a vital trace element that promotes thyroid health while improving body temperature regulation, weight management and enhancing brain function. Iodine benefits include: removes toxins from the body including fluoride & mercury, optimizes calorie intake in preventing it from being stored as fat, hormone production, alleviates allergies, treats constipation, increases energy, aids hair and nail health, improves fertility, helps normal growth and maturity of reproductive organs, improves movement, speech & hearing in babies, destroys molds, fungus, viruses & parasites, combats cancer cells & initiates apoptosis, fights goiter, relives fibrocystic disease, and it assists in all cell function.

Supplement Facts – IODIDE/IODINE                                  

Serving Size: 2-3 drops

Servings Per Container about 1200

Amount Per Serving                                                                       % Daily Value*

Iodide                                                                                                          4%

Iodine                                                                                                          2%

Ingredients: Iodide, iodine

Suggested Use: 2-3 drops daily

Directions: As a dietary supplement, adults can take 2 to 3 drops daily in 8 oz. of water or juice, or as directed by a physician.


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