Pursuing a Plan B to Plan an "A" Future

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 Inspiring Today’s Future Leaders To An Understanding of Passion and Purpose Toward A Prosperous Career

Did you know that over 99.4% of the 7.8 million high school student-athletes will not make it to the professional level in their sport? Additionally, only 2% of collegiate athletes will become professional athletes. In addition to the student-athletes statistics, multiple studies report that up to 75% of students entering college change their major before graduation and 50% will change their major more than two times during a three year period. So, it’s imperative that students and student-athletes expand their horizons as they pursue their loftiest aspirations. This “Plan B Book” is purposed to coincide with a student and/or student-athlete’s “Field of Dreams”, as well as, informing, motivating, educating, developing and empowering students’ “Plan A” to an “A” future intentionally designed to produce a successful career through devising a “Plan B”.


Why Every Student and Student-Athlete Needs the ABCDs for Their Future…

The ABCDs = Ability to Build a Career by Developing…


The ABCD Benefits This Book Provides:

* Education of the business and sports statistics related to occupations throughout the country

* Exposure to an abundance of career options in the world of sports and beyond…

* Students the ability to survey, study  and self-assess finding the area of career interest for themselves

* Experiential learning from successful professionals’ testimonies

* Purpose prepared students with majors declared going into their freshman year for four years of   targeted higher learning readiness

* Student enablement to make a smoother transition into the field of their choice leading to a desired career

* Over 3,000 career job positions showcased in this book for students to explore for their future success.

So, whether a student-athlete attains their “field of dreams” or not; he or she can simultaneously pursue multiple careers or obtain career success after their playing days are over in an occupation that they embark on today! This book’s goal is predicated upon providing key essentials to assist in propelling students to their career passions and career potential. So, start today in assisting students in discovering themselves to becoming the future leaders of tomorrow!!