Blending to Your Betterment


Have you ever wondered if the recent craze about juicing or blending your food is really that important for your health? Isn’t it just as healthy to eat foods the old-fashioned way? Many health professionals have explored all of the angles of this growing phenomenon to find out if juicing/blending is a necessary process to add to our lifestyles. Below are some of the healthful findings from their examinations of juicing/blending fruits and vegetables:


1.    Juiced/Blended foods improve overall nutrient absorption & they offer a wide variety of vitamins and minerals such as green leafy vegetables and grasses including barley, oats & wheat grass which contain great amounts of chlorophyll

2.    Fruits & vegetables provide rich sources of antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, phytonutrients, as well as many other essential nutrients

3.    If you have problems chewing foods, then juicing/blending is essential for you in obtaining nutritious foods that otherwise you won’t be able to take advantage

4.    Juicing/blending is quite suitable for you if you’re very selective about texture or taste

5.    Juicing/blending provides a great satiation factor which provides a nice & pleasant full feeling empowering you not to overeat

6.    Juicing/blending is suitable and recommended by many health professionals for people of all ages including babies & children

7.    Reduces heartburn effects

8.    Modulates waste elimination

9.    Stabilizes blood sugar levels

10.  Assists in weight control management

11.  Strong proponent to assist in lessening overall disease within the body

12.  Improved eyesight

13.  Boosts mental clarity

14.  Restores healthier skin

15.  Reduces inflammation

16.  Promotes clear blood flow in blood vessels

17.  Protects against heart disease

18.  Regulates PH levels making the body more alkaline

19.  Juiced/Blended foods are easy to take along with you as you travel

20. Liquefied foods enable just about anyone the ability to consume healthy foods

As a result of health professionals’ analysis of juicers/blenders, they have compiled a comprehensive list of benefits for everyone within households to become familiar. Understanding the positives of juicing/blending can be the cog that enables a person to take charge of his or her health. Making this change could be one of the most well-worth additions to your life which can bring about immediate beneficial changes. So, give it a try and allow the aforementioned benefits to be a benefit to your health!  


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